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Perfect for over my prescription lenses

When I put them on to watch tv I feel an instant cuddle. So soothing to wear them and superb preparation for bedtime


So far I use this for 30 min a day when I can fit in my schedule. I try to use it every day... dont always get the chance but I try. I can tell a difference in my skin, my joints, and I feel better afterwards. Thank you for having such great products and info about them!

As comforting as a warm blanket on a cold day

The level of comfort in my eyes was instantaneous when i put on the Brooklyn Blue readers. I have been using some random blue-light blocking glasses found on the check-out aisle at a store for 3 years. They helped slightly but I had no idea how stressed my eyes actually were until I put on these Brooklyn specs! Thank you. I'll be offering them to my EMF clients!

Perfect way to give your eyes a rest in the evening

I really like these, the block is very effective and they're easy to clip on. I was worried of looking like an alien but my flatmates tell me I look cool. They're also useful because if my prescriptions change in the future I'll be able to continue using these clip ons with my new glasses. 10/10.


Have it plugged in my bathroom so I don't have to put a light on when I need to use the bathroom during the night. The motion setting works wonderfully, automatically lighting up without having to search for any switch to turn it on and love how it also turns itself off. Very clever.

Harmonising Sticker
Jon Crampton
Neat solution

This is a neat solution to emf exposure and seems to reduce the effects. Have used shungite before but this blend of a range of gems is an enhanced product at an affordable price.

Warm and happy lighting

My lamp now glows with this yellow bulb. It emits a pleasant, soothing light that creates a warm cozy environ and evokes a kind of happy feeling. I change out the bulb as it gets close to bedtime with the red light bulb. Love both of these colors. Every once in a while I still use my old regular LED bulb just to see the difference. In the future I would like to try full spectrum lighting too. It's fascinating to experience the effects of light on the body and mind!

Full Spectrum Light Bulb

The three different shade of this light bulb are amazing, the night shade is the best to unwind for the night while reading!

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Timothy Cumberland
Does the job perfectly

Was recommended by High Intensity Health from Youtube and decided to buy since this is the only one on market currently that can go up to 80C or 176F.
Take less five minutes to set up and ten minutes to clean up after. Extremely low barrier to use, makes it easier to get motivated to jump in.
External insulation is excellent, I can place this on the bed without any worry about the heat damaging any parts of the bed.

Harmonising Sticker
Cynthia Johnson
Really helpful!

Got it, tried it and it works for me, thanks.

extremely comfortable total blackout

I am very pleased with the mask and I travel each week in the middle of the night so often I must take a nap during the day and the blackout mess helps me to sleep when I have to nap during the daylight.

Great for travel!

I travel a lot and so the Mini is a perfect companion. No matter where I go, it goes with me!

Love it !

Love how convenient it is to bring on the go! I have it in my car and use it while driving. Such an easy way to get red light therapy on the go. It’s very sleek looking too!

Very convenient

I absolutely love this bullet device, it's so handy for treating smaller areas instead of using a more cumbersome bigger unit. The battery lasts a long time between charges too! Really glad with my purchase.

Very clear sound

I like the sound of these ear buds, very crisp and clear. And I like knowing I am reducing my emf exposure as I have been sick in the past from long-term exposure to mold, which acts as a lightning rod for emf's.

Awesome laptop mat

Great mat! Light weight and works well!


Perfect for nighttime living room before you go to bed.

Very relaxing

As soon as the NYC sky gets dark I turn on this red light. I find it quite relaxing, and I love that I don’t have to wear any blue blocking glasses. Thank you for helping me create a healing space that prepares me for a good night’s sleep.

No fumbling in the dark

You turn it on and off at the head. No fumbling along the cord to find a switch. You also change the brightness right there at the head. Again, no frustration when you are trying to get some rest!

do what they claim

thank you for your computer glasses; I feel difference and acknowledge they make it comfortable for eyes reading on computer screen

So useful and gentle on the eyes

Not only is it kind to your eyes but the fact I don’t have to deal with chords and plugs is very useful. Makes it versatile for reading and the light quality isn’t intrusive for reading at night but still light enough to read by.

Infrared PEMF Mat Max
Nichole Causey
So worth it!

For months I dreamed of buying the PEMF Mat and finally did it! I am so happy I did and wish I didn't wait so long. I can feel it truly is helping me to heal from the inside out, because I feel so relaxed, and able to truly heal through my meditation sessions. I feel so deeply relaxed too, it is the best relaxing and rest I've ever had.

Totally relaxes your eyesight.

These glasses are incredible. From the very first moment I put them on, I was not straining my eyesight. they do require a little getting used to, but once you give yourself the time, it makes working in front of a computer MUCH easier on your eyes. The day they arrived, my son was with me, and I asked him to try these, and he reacted exactly the same. That was that he felt his eyes were actually relaxing. I highly recommend these glasses

Awesome light!

This light is high quality with a strong clip and very bendable neck. I love that there are 3 levels of brightness, too. I don’t just use for reading, I have it clipped on near my bed so I can easily put it on at night if I need to get up.

The eye mask that stays in place all night

At last I found an eye mask that doesn't slip. It stays in place all night and completely blocks out all light.